Clients: Generating engagement

Organisational culture change, translating leadership vision and generating employee engagement are all challenges for which our clients have successfully sought Silverhawk counsel.

We provide teams or individual consultants who are experts in managing change, improving employee commitment, and delivering internal communications strategy.

  • Unlocking energy

Silverhawk consultants provide objective advice and practical support. We help your teams understand what matters most to them and how their contribution is vital to the success of the organisation. We help them to understand the leadership vision and strategy, and to unlock their energies towards smarter working for success.Encouraging collaboration,we work with your teams throughout the organisation, designing programmes which improve morale and provide smarter ways of working. We help organisations to embrace flexible working as part of their culture.

  • Creating platforms for dialogue

Effective communications is key to improving the culture of an organisation. Whether through digital platforms, workshops, staff meetings or team away days, our consultants will help you to ensure that all of your staff have an effective voice.

Our teams are sourced from within our talent pool and are experienced, independent consultants and from senior level positions in consultancy or within industry. Typically with HR, communications or organisational and leadership development backgrounds, they have the commitment and flexibility necessary to deliver programmes that suit individual client needs.



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