Pro bono consulting

Pro bono consulting provides an ideal opportunity to contribute the skills and experience of our candidates within the not for profit sector. Often, our candidates are between assignments or permanent roles and pro bono projects are a good way of keeping skills up to date and increasing the network of contacts.







Silverhawk  developing partnership with Impetus PEF

Silverhawk Partners is delighted to work in partnership with Impetus-PEF.. Impetus pioneered venture philanthropy in the UK before merging with the Private Equity Foundation in 2013. Impetus-PEF has developed an innovative model which is based on providing a combination of strategic funding and resource expertise to support charities and social enterprises that have the ambition to effect far reaching change for the economically disadvantaged. Impetus –PEF has an active network of pro-bono experts who provide charities with a range of expertise on both short and medium term projects.

 “Our partnership with Silverhawk Partners enablse us to build on the success that we have had with the pro-bono component of our venture philanthropy model.  Through Silverhawk, we are able to access a strong pro-bono talent pool which add enormous value to our portfolio charities.”
Daniela Barone Soares, CEO, Impetus-PEF


The Engaging Experience Philanthropy Network has helped over 500 charities around London find new trustees and access a range of pro bono advice in business, HR, marketing, communications, IT, finance and law.
Silverhawk is pleased to support the Philanthropy Network and we continually introduce our candidates to the network to encourage their active participation in charities supported by  The Bulldog Trust


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